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9 01, 2022

Dropzone Email Marketing with Vidiot

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Dropzone email marketing is now possible with Vidiot. Vidiot is a browser based program built to manage all of your tandem video customers...and it now has support for email marketing. You can easily export emails and names from your database for use in email marketing campaigns, such as Mailchimp. I prefer Sendinblue as it has

8 12, 2021

Some Advice on Choosing a “Server” and Storage Scenarios

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About this Post In this post I am going to give you my thoughts on buying a server for your dropzone. Computer built as servers are more durable as they usually use better hardware. You would likely want to buy an actual server to run at your dropzone if you plan to have the

12 11, 2021

The Case for RAW Video

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RAW tandem skydive media packages DZOs need it cheap I could be wrong, but DZOs likely need a tandem video ingestion and distribution platform that costs as little as possible. Whether it be automated or performed by a human, one of the biggest expenses in this process is the video edit