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How to install XAMPP server

What is XAMPP? #

XAMPP is free server software. It allows you to run programs that were built with coding languages designed to run on a server. Such as PHP.

Where to download XAMPP #

XAMPP ScreenshotYou can can download XAMPP for Windows, Linux or OS X from ApacheFriends.org. Download the package that is correct for your operating system.

Note: I will only be able to provide setup instructions for Widows and Linux. However, the installation process should be very similar for OS X. 

Installing XAMPP on Windows #

  1. Right click the downloaded file and install the program as an Administrator. Example XAMPP program file name: xampp-windows-x64-8.0.12-0-VS16-installer
  2. If you get a warning about UAC read it and then click okay. We will not install XAMPP in C:\Program Files
  3. Using the install wizard you only need to install the mandatory modules: Apache and PHP.
  4. Install XAMPP in the default directory given by the install wizard.
  5. Choose your language: English or Deutsch.
  6. Finish the install wizard and let XAMPP install. Upon completion ‘start the control panel now’ if give the option.
xampp warning install windows
apache and php xampp install wizard
xampp default directory