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What is ‘Vidiot’?

A Photo and Video Ingestion and Distribution Web App #

Vidiot is a video and photo management system for your dropzone. It was built taking into account almost 15 years of skydiving experience. The program has been developed over the course of 4 seasons at my local DZ and is proven capable of managing up to 100 tandem  video customers/day.  It will certainly handle more. It allows you to have full control over the organization of your tandem video and photo customers.

Cloud Based Sharing #

It uses cloud-based sharing through Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to distribute customer media.

Flexible #

It allows you to keep your current video editor if you choose. It allows you to have your videos edited remotely if you choose. It allows your to have no editor and share only raw videos with your customers. It allows you to make available any possible combination of photo and video packages to your customers.

The Vidiot program utilizes 3+1 different terminal areas; The customer registration terminal, the vidiot terminal, the admin terminal, and the folder scanning terminal (optional).

Multiple Terminals #

The customer registration terminal is self-explanatory. The vidiot terminal allows camera people to upload video and photo media to a registered customer account. The admin terminal provides the ability to send media to completed customers and also customize the the Video program to reflect the your dropzone. The admin area also provides ongoing records of every tandem customer that has ever gone through your system. It is a powerful organizational tool for dropzone owners.