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The Vidiot Terminal Area Home Page

What is the Vidiot Terminal? #

The Vidiot Terminal Area is where your camera people dump their photos and video for their customers. Once a customer registers camera people will be able to find them in this area. Each customer will have a photo, name, and date associated with their record.

Customer Info

Registered Customers #

Default Search #

Under the ‘Registered Customers” heading you will find all registered customers. The default is to show all customers on the current day. You can always search for customers from previous days.

Selecting Vidiots and Ultimate Vidiots #

When customers are in the ‘Registered’ state the option to select a vidiot (camera person) will be available. You must select at least one vidiot to proceed. You can always change the vidiot later from the admin terminal area if a mistake has been made. It doesn’t matter which person is the ultimate vidiot for customers with ultimate packages. However, I like to set the person who recorded the least amount of video clips as the ultimate vidiot. Additional pages will be provided for dumping photos and videos when an ultimate vidiot is selected.

Create Customer #

Once you have found your customer and selected a vidiot you press the ‘Create Customer’ button to start the customer media dropping process.

Registered Customer

Incomplete Customers #

A customer will appear as incomplete if you exit the video and photo dumping process without sending a teaser photo. The customer will remain as incomplete until a teaser photo is sent.

Incomplete Vidiot Image

Complete Customers #

Customers who have been sent a teaser photo will appear in the ‘Complete Customers’ box. You can reopen the customer at any point if you need to add more videos and photos. Once a customer has been marked as complete from the vidiot terminal area they will appear as a ‘Waiting Customer’ in the admin terminal area.