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How to share RAW video with a remote editor

Sharing with Insync #

If you plan to give you customers an edited video there are several ways you can handle the editing:

  1. edit right on your server computer if you are a super small DZ (not really recommended though)
  2. copy customer files to another portable drive and edit on another computer
  3. set up a network drive so that other computers on your network can access your ‘storage’ folder (on site only)
  4. share the video files with Insync allowing protected access to anyone in the world (recommended action)

Overview of the Insync ‘Shared With Me’ function (recommended action) #

The following video I hope helps you to understand how sharing works with Insync. You should also review the Vidiot folder structure. A deep understanding of Insync and the Vidiot folder structure is fundamental to understanding the Vidiot program.