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How to share folders with customers

Sharing cloud folders with your customers #

Once a customer’s media is known to be sync’d to the cloud you can share that folder with the customer. However, there are some scenarios to consider.

Be sure the media has been uploaded #

First of all, you need to be sure the customer’s media has been fully uploaded. We can view individual customer media upload status using Insync. By opening the desired date folder and locating the desired customer in the customer folder we see a status in the form of a blue, green, or red icon; syncing, sync complete, error, respectively. If you see the customer has a green icon you are free to share their ‘shared-folder’ with them.

Big groups #

As mentioned, there are a few scenarios to consider. Yes, you can share folders with customers as soon as their media has uploaded. However, if you have a lot of customers and the upload is really slow you might want to wait until all customer media from the same day has uploaded. The reason for this is because if you have a big group come in and you only manage to get half their sharing links sent because the other half has not uploaded, you may start getting calls from the other half of that group informing you that they have not yet received their skydive media but other in their group have.

Sending sharing links #

Considering what I have said above, your sharing links can be sent out by someone on your staff during the day any time after the customer’s files have sync’d. Here is a video that demonstrates exactly how to do so.