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How to set up No Machine

What is No Machine? #

No Machine is a FREE remote access tool. You can use it to view your Vidiot server from any other computer in the world with Internet access.

Get a Dynamic DNS #

If you have not yet set up a DDNS on your router do that first. It will make the No Machine set up much easier.

What No Machine will NOT do #

No Machine (free) will not allow you to power ON your computer when it is OFF. The computer you are trying to control (the Vidiot server) will need to be on if you are to connect to it remotely. If you would like the ability to power ON your server you will need a proper server with a program like Dell iDRAC installed. If you decide to buy a Dell sever it will most likely come with iDRAC. Should you buy a server?

Set up process #

No Machine has some documentation on their website but I will try to simplify it here:

  1. go to No Machines website and download and install the software on every computer you want to use to control and access.
  2. make sure you have a DDNS set up on the router the sever computer is connected to.
  3. make sure port forwarding is configured on the router the sever computer is connected to. Here are the steps:
    • Make a new rule.
    • Set the protocol to ‘both’ if available
    • set the internal port(s) to 4000
    • set the external port(s) to 4001 [if you are setting up more than one connection you will need to set a different EXTERNAL port for each computer your want to connect. Ex. second computer might be 4002, third computer 4003, etc. ]
    • select the sever computer name from the list or enter its static IP address
    • save
  4. on the remote computer you want to use to access your dropzone server, configure No Machine using the default settings
    • Give the connection a unique name
    • use your DDNS as the host
    • external port of the computer you want to access {4001 in the example above}
    • ¬†protocol NX
    • use password authentication
    • connect
    • when prompted for password enter the username and the password of the computer you are trying to connect

Connecting with No Machine locally #

If you have No Machine installed on two computers that are both on you local DZ network you can easily access them just by opening No Machine and finding the other computer on the default start page. No Machine will auto configure connections for any computer on your network running No Machine. You can use this to run your server without a monitor (semi-headless). Simply connect using No Machine every time you want to interface with the server computer.

Problems? #

If you experience any difficulties send me a message or call me.

Video Tutorial #