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How to set up a static IP

What is a static IP? #

A static IP address a web address that never changes. It’s kind of like a license plate. If the police were to search your license plate number they would find the make and model of your car. No matter how many times they looked up your license plate number they would always find the details for your car. Similarly, giving our Vidiot server computer a static IP address means when we type that number in to our address bar we will always land on the server computer.

Why we need a static IP #

If we would like to access the video files from another computer, for example if we have multiple Vidiot tandem skydive media dropping stations, we want to make sure we have a permanent address to access the server. If the address was always changing you would have to look up the address every time you wanted to access the Vidiot program from another computer on your network; Obviously not ideal.

For the local network #

This static IP is for the local network only. It cannot be accessed by any device that is not on the network.