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How to mount a drive to your storage folder

Why do I need to mount a drive to the storage folder? #

Mounting a large drive to the vidiot ‘storage’ folder allows you to expand the size of a smaller drive. For example, maybe you have a 1TB drive from which you are running the Vidiot program. A 1TB drive might not be enough to store a season’s worth of customer media. Especially if you are running the OS from that drive as well. You could buy a larger drive and mount that drive to the ‘storage’ folder to increase your storage space.  You can even mount a USB drive to the ‘storage’ folder.

To mount a drive in an empty folder by using on Windows #

  1. Right click start and choose Disk Management, right-click the partition or volume that has the folder in which you want to mount the drive.
  2. Click Change Drive Letter and Paths and then click Add.
  3. Click Mount in the following empty NTFS folder.
  4. Type the path to an empty folder on an NTFS volume, or click Browse to locate it.

If you cannot find Disk Management by right clicking start, do a search for it.

Look here for more info: #