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How to install the Vidiot files

Installing the Vidiot app files #

  1. Download the Vidiot file package I sent you and extract it anywhere you want.
  2. Copy the extracted ‘vidiot’ folder and paste it in the C:\xampp\htdocs\ folder (or the ‘htdocs’ folder where ever you installed XAMPP). Inside the vidiot folder you should see all the vidiot files. Make sure you haven’t added an extra folder while extracting the files.
  3. After you have moved the files to the correct location open your browser and type ‘localhost/vidiot/’ into your address bar.
  4. You should now have full access to the Vidiot program. Use the test database to test and make sure the program is uploading photos and videos correctly. You will need to start by creating a customer using the Customer Sign Up Page.

Vidiot Files Location