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How to Install Insync

Insync Installation Steps #

Syncing Location #

It is really important that you set up the sync in the correct folder; the storage folder. The location of the folder will depend on where you installed the Vidiot files. For instance, I am using Windows as my operation system/server in this example. The location of the storage folder during my installation (I used the defaults) is:


Note: If the ‘storage’ folder does not exist yet create it inside the root ‘vidiot’ folder. Name it all lowercase exactly ‘storage’.

Ignore Rules #

Insync offers a really cool feature that allows us to ignore files and folders. There are a few folders that are created by the Vidiot program that we do not need to sync. These folders are:


These folders do not need to be sync’d and you should ignore them. Putting a # in front of any item in the ignore rules with ignore that rule. I think Insync has some good documentation on their site.