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How to Get Started

Contact Me #

To get started you will need to contact me using the “GET VIDIOT” button at the top of this page with your name, dropzone, and an email address. I will then send you out a sharing link to the files you need to get up and going. You download those files and install them on the computer you plan to host the program on.

Insync Cloud Sync #

You will also need to buy a lifetime DEVELOPER subscription Insync. This is the upload client. It is like Google Drive Desktop or Dropbox Desktop on steroids.

Ubuntu Mate or XAMPP #

You will need to have the vidiot program running from some sort of a “server”. I use quotations because that server can be your laptop computer. If you decide to set up your server on Windows or Mac you will need to download XAMPP or similar program. If you plan to run the Vidiot program on Linux I would recommend using Ubuntu Mate.

What system should I use? #

If you are small single Cessna sized dropzone you can probably run the program from just one computer, Windows, MacOs, or Linux. If you are a dropzone that has more than one small plane you will need to set up a computer on your local network that hosts the video program. You will then connect to that computer from any other computer on the network.

I recommend using Ubuntu Mate OS for any host computer.  But you can definitely use Windows or OS X if you would like. The most important criteria of a host computer is that it is powerful enough to compute all of the tasks you ask it to compute. Running the entire program on one small laptop is possible, but you might run into performance issues.

WTF? #

If you are already getting scared, don’t worry. I will walk you through everything you need to know in this documentation. If you end up having a helmet fire one day just give me a call and I’ll walk you though it on the phone or through a video chat. If you want me to fully manage your video and media program so you don’t have to think about it I can do that, too.

Insync Price