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Backup your tandem media

Backups #

Backing up your tandem media is very important for a few reasons.

  1. You could accidently delete files
  2. Your hard drive could corrupt
  3. customers will inevitably not download their media

Always in 2 of 3 locations #

You tandem media should move through 3 different location:

  • The drive at your DZ
  • Google Drive or Dropbox
  • A portable large hard drive

You media will start on your local DZ drive and then immediately start syncing to Google Drive / Dropbox. At the end of each day you should copy all all of the media files to an external source. Such as a large portable HDD. Keep copies of all media files for 1 year.

Unsyncing #

Once all of the days media is sync’d to the cloud you can unsync it from your computer. This frees up space on the server computer. Make sure not to delete. Unsync only!

Deleting files from the cloud #

Generally 30 days is enough time for the average person to download their skydive media. After 30 days you should be able to delete customer cloud-based files. Just make sure you have all files backed up on the large portable HDD as you will for sure have people contact you who inevitably did not download their files.