RAW tandem skydive media packages

DZOs need it cheap

I could be wrong, but DZOs likely need a tandem video ingestion and distribution platform that costs as little as possible. Whether it be automated or performed by a human, one of the biggest expenses in this process is the video edit itself. In the skydiving industry we have always without question decided we had to give the customer an edited video of their skydive, even if we provided RAW footage as well. We did this for good reason; the availability of video editing tools and the editing literacy of the customer just wasn’t really there. However, it is now.

The apps are available and the digital literacy level is high

In the last 5 years I have seen about 8000 videos go through the program I currently run at my local DZ. If I had to guess I would say that 90% of them are 35 years of age or younger. Most people 35  years of age or younger have a high level of digital literacy. A study written in 2018 by the US Department of Education found that 84% of Americans aged 16-65 were digitally literate. Modern social media platforms give you the ability to do simple edits to your video files. YouTube even has an online editor. There are even mobile video editors you can download to your phone or tablet. Look here. Tandem video customers now have the ability and the literacy to personalize their videos. Why do they need, or want, you to do it? I might think my music selection is cool, but my customer probably doesn’t.

Skydive YouTube Editor

But I want control of my video edits!

Maybe you don’t want your customers editing their own video as they may lack the expertise to create ‘worthy content’. Or possibly you don’t want a potential customer to search YouTube for a video from your DZ and have them find a butchered edit by a customer. Go ahead and search YouTube now. 8000 edited videos sent out in the last 5  years from my local DZ and not one of the search results on the first page is an original edit. Proof! Your video will still be ‘butchered’ by your customers. Furthermore, they often want to omit awkward moments from the video, such as the interview! Just let them.

The GoPro Quik App – Brilliant!

You might be familiar with this app. It free. You do not need a GoPro to use it. Using the Vidiot program you can easily notify every customer through email that this app is available for them to use…for FREE! Your customers can download the app and easily edit and personalize their skydive video themselves. Furthermore, Vidiot gives you the ability to share a single cloud-based folder with your customers that contains all the media elements you would want in your videos. Such as image logos, motion logos, teaser promos videos, and any other media your customers might want to include in their videos. This is how you maintain some control over your edits. Ultimately, if they desire, your customer is going to find a way to chop up any edited video you produce to try and make it their own. Thanks to GoPro and their Quik app, DZOs can now save thousands of dollars a year on video editing costs.

GoPro Quik QR Code

GoPro Quik QR Code

Sales, sales, and more sales.

Just like DZOs, customers want it cheap, too. Offering a RAW video package at a slightly reduced price could increase your video package sales rate. Of course you can still offer an edited video as well.  Experiment with it. 

RAW Tandem Video Package
Vidiot Admin Control Panel

Setting the customer media package

Don’t sell the farm

I’m not saying you should throw your edited video platform out the window and only give RAW video; Just give the customer the option. If your new RAW video media package is a success it could save you quite a bit of money you can use toward buying that new fuel pump you don’t want to replace. With the Vidiot program you would likely save about $5-$6 dollars per video customer. How many videos do you sell each season?